General Contracting

With no other company does the phrase “on budget, and on time” carry so much weight as with our professional building contractors at Wilmar Group. We know that today’s clients, both residential and commercial, are the most educated group of individuals in history. The vast amount of building designs and techniques that are available to everyone is increasing daily so that every home buyer or commercial enterprise expects the highest quality and comfort consideration as well as a high degree of service during the building operation.

At Wilmar Group our building contractors are not just the directors of the operation they are on the ground at every phase of the operation to make sure that each phase is perfectly synchronized. This means that the sub-trades are on time with the equipment ready.

To Buy or to Build

In today’s market there are many homes for sale in many great areas. So why should the client buy? We feel that our new homes offer a complete range of unique advantages and technological improvements that cannot be realized in a resale property and we have included some of these reasons:

You are the creator

In other words you can take all the ideas that you have been saving up for years and now you can put them into play.

What you want is what you get

Unlike renovating an older home where space and other considerations dictate the project your new home build is what the designer has promised.

Consider the construction methods

At Wilmar group we have cultivated a team of professionals unparalleled in their field. Under no circumstances will any under-experienced workers ever be on our crews. You see the materials going into the house and how it is assembled so you know, for instance, that the roof will support and unexpected dump of heavy snow.

The contractor is your partner

From the very first handshake our hand-picked building contractor will be your mentor and guide through the building process. And who knows who built the home for sale just down the street?


With any large project there could be a few minor annoyances. Our iron-clad warranty means that any problems with a Wilmar Group build will be dealt with swiftly and to your satisfaction.

Guaranteed cost

The price is the price so you know what you are paying down to the last sod placement.

How does a building take shape? It all begins in our planning department where our expert computer-assisted designers help your customize your home. They take everything into consideration: cost, lot size, view, geological considerations and they even track the sun for each season to consider the window placement and landscaping. In addition, the client is the partner. Each item on the design is brought to the client’s eye for approval.